So, What's the Plan?

Use a map to guide your way

"I know what I want, but how do I get there?" This is a situation everyone has faced at some point. We all struggle with how to achieve our goals, whether they be big, life-changing ones, or small, meaningful ones. I know that I want to work in the outdoor industry (but not behind a desk). I know that I want to write and speak and share and motivate others. I know that I want to find success and help others along the way, who feel stuck, to do the same.

But how?

The "how" part is possibly the scariest part of the equation AND the part that is most likely to cause me, or anyone else, to get tripped up and give up. So I've been focused a lot on the "how" recently. It's one thing to say out loud the things that I want to achieve and then start a blog. But there needs to be more action. I have to make a move. Lots of moves, actually. I need to start small, but make progress. It would be awesome if I could quit my job and launch myself fully into these endeavors. I'm certain I would get from point A to point Z much faster. But I can't do that due to financial constraints.