I Don't Look Like Them

John Muir Trail Bliss

I follow a lot of blogs and Instagram accounts for various female explorers and adventurers. Some, like Erin Outdoors, are doing something very similar to what I want to be doing. Some are amazing photographer/adventurers, like @missholldoll, who post their inspiring work to Insta. They come from different backgrounds and some do what they do full-time, while others do their adventuring part-time or simply as a hobby.

But there's one thing that is true for almost all of them: they don't look like me. And this can be a dream crusher if I'm not careful about how I chose to think about myself in this journey.

Most women (and men, for that matter) you see adventuring on social media are generally attractive - think thin, strong, young women who succeed in adding to the beauty of their photos, not detracting. Most of them are brand ambassadors and make some extra dough showing off the gear that they use and love. And everything they do is wonderful! They draw people in, just like traditional advertising does. And they are, indeed, inspirational. I admire them all.