Loving Nature: Perhaps it's in Our DNA

Caribbean Vista

We all crave views like this one on St. John

Why do people crave second homes in scenic locations? Why do we desire vacations on the beach or in the mountains? When people need to get away from it all for much needed rest and relaxation, they frequently head into nature or seek out beautiful vistas. Why? Because we feel better when we do.

It makes sense when you consider that 99.9% of human existence was spent inextricably tied to, living in, and working with nature. It's only been for the last 0.1% of humanity that we've lived in cities, shopped at grocery stores and used technology to handle the majority of our needs, including waste management, water treatment and delivery, animal rearing and butchering, and vegetable growing.

We are tied to nature through our DNA. We have not yet had enough time to evolve into our new surroundings. We are genetically no different than we were 1000 years ago, yet we couldn't be living more differently. And while some of us might beg to differ, we need to experience nature to be healthy.