Unexpected Fulfillment

New friends Brandy, Jessica and Taylor on my most recent trip.

In April of this year, just before deciding to create this blog, I started a Meetup.com group for female backpackers living in the Bay Area called the Bay Area Backpacking Bettys. I started the group for three reasons: so I could backpack more often, so I could meet like-minded women living in my area, and also because I love planning trips for myself and others.

The group now has 153 members (and growing every day) and I've organized and led two trips so far with more coming. I'm not the most experienced backpacker in the group, but that's not really the point. The point is that I am one of the few people who LOVES researching, organizing and planning these trips. Now, before you go thinking I should probably become an event planner, think again! I hate planning other people's events; I only love planning my own.

Before the first organized trip, I hosted a meet-and-greet at a local sporting goods store. I blogged about that because I was worried the women who had joined my group would take one look at me and lose faith in my ability to lead backpacking trips. Of course, that was a silly thought because none of the women expect me to be a guide. They just want someone else to do the boring work on the ba