They Don't Look Like Me

Lyle Creek Yosemite

Last year I wrote a post entitled, "I Don't Look Like Them." In the post I lamented about how the outdoorsy blogs are chock full of gorgeous, air brushed, picture-perfect young women (and men, too). On Instagram, they are shown climbing moutains in cute, clean clothes without breaking a sweat. Or pictured soaking in hot springs in a thong bikini. Or perhaps they are gloriously shown paddleboarding their way across a turquoise alpine lake, showing off a little side boob and giving the viewers an odd "come hither" look.

In my prior post, I fretted about little-old-me trying to create an online presence in this make-believe world. How would (or could) I compete? And who would care to look at my posts or photos and read my words and thoughts? That post got quite a bit of attention, especially considering my then-scant following (OK, still scant.). Well-wishers encouraged me to continue on or urged me not to be self-conscious.

Fast forward to today. The fact is, the majority of people I see out backpacking are either very young (in their early twenties) or older (over 40 and commonly well past retirement age). So yes, there are youngsters out there (as there should be and God bless 'em), but MANY of the people I meet are older. Much older. Commonly in their 60's and certainly in th