Oops, I Did it Again

It's happening again. I feel like the little girl in the movie Poltergeist, with her hands on the TV, saying, "They're heee-eerr." In the movie, the girl didn't want them to come, but she knew it was inevitable. That's how I feel.

In July of 2017, I started my new/old job with the company I had worked with before (when I owned a franchise through them). Dogs! I work in the dog training industry. How awesome is that?! I get to travel and assist our franchise locations across the country. I design curriculum and make big and small decisions that affect the growth and development of the company. I am well-liked, well-respected and successful.

And I work from home. 'Nuff said. What a dream that has been! Amazing. You should try it.

I ditched my plans of becoming a life coach and part-time backpacking guide in favor of this secure, awesome, well-paid job where my itches would be scratched by an industry I am passionate about, plus travel opportunities and