Adding to the Mix

Kayaking at sunset in Tomales Bay (Point Reyes National Seashore)

I have not updated this blog in quite a while. It's shameful. Writing helped me connect more with my adventurous side, and yet, I neglected it. I have all the usual excuses: work, family, travel, lack of time. But let's see if we can't get back on track, shall we!

The good news is that my quest to add more outdoor time into my life has continued - depsite the lack of blog posts.

I made a concerted effort to find more motivation and comaraderie online via socail media. Social media gets a bad rap, and often times rightfully so. But I have found outdoorsy communies there that have inspired me, grounded me and lifted me up. I have "friends" online that I have never met. I put friends in quotation marks because society says they can't be real if I haven't met them. But they sure feel real to me and I equate it to having pen pals, like in the olden days. It's really the same sort of thing, but with day-to-day communication and interation instead of once a month or once a week via snail mail. Most of my favorite groups are female-specific; I'll be linking to a few here. Just looking at the photos people post of their adventures is porn by my definiton!