Creating a Portfolio Career

Caribbean Sunset Inspiration

A Fantastic Caribbean Sunset

A couple of years ago, I was hiking with my friend Ronianne when something profound happened. I had just closed my dog training business and was feeling lost. I was considering how best to attempt a career in blogging and freelancing, but I was nervous about the lack of a consistent paycheck and the unclear pathway to success. I was also considering starting a new dog training business. I was also tempted to go back to government work for the stable paycheck and cushy benefits, too. I was even considering becoming a small business consultant.

I was complaining about myself to Ronianne. I was frustrated by the various career paths I had followed and my inability to find one thing that felt "right". Where was my one thing? My true calling? Why couldn't I settle down and just be happy in one profession? Or at least semi-content like most people I know?

Ronianne said, very matter of factly, "It's because you're a multi-potentialite." Huh? A multi-what? She proceeded to explain that multi-potentialities are people who love to learn new things and struggle with settling into just one career or hobby. They feel compelled to constantly expand their horizons, aren't afraid of change and get bored easily. They are true Jacks of All Trade (or Jills