What I Learned from Being a Cop


I come from a long line of successful business men. Growing up, I wanted to be like them, except I wanted to be the first in my family to be a super successful business woman. I wanted to follow in my ultra-successful dad's footsteps. I wanted to be rich, for sure, but also a leader. An executive. I'm talking the President and CEO of a major company.

To that end, I went to college with those goals in mind. I thumbed through college course books trying to find the easiest path to obtaining a degree that would set me up for success in the corporate world. But, alas, I didn't particularly love school and wasn't interested in trying hard. Math wasn't (and never will be) my strong suit, and so a business degree was out. Computer science? WAY too much math for me. Even marketing had too many economics and statistics classes for my tastes.

Then I found public relations and earned my degree in Communications with a major in corporate public relations. Easy classes, right up my alley. And I knew I could parlay this degree into an C-level career.